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At Mariposa Wellness we support you in your health and wellness journey. 

Access Bars

A practice of lightly touching 32 points on the head, effortlessly releasing stress, anxiety and anything that stops you from feeling your best.

Nutrition Counselling

Coaching and support for daily nutrition or specialized diets such as Diabetic, heart healthy or vegan. Counselling includes a fulsome diet review, meal planning and recipes.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy , utilizing subtle moves to the body, supporting the body to heal itself, often profoundly.



Lina Reid, Owner of Mariposa Wellness, is a Bowen Therapy Practitioner, certified Access Bars Practitioner and licensed Nutritionist.  Practicing nutrition in health care for 20 years, teaching at the college level and practicing other modalities with clients, has allowed Lina to help her clients make informed decisions about their health and empower them to make positive changes. Lina's passion for mind and body wellness will ensure you receive fulsome support to help you feel your best.  

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Sharon H.

I multi-task on a regular basis between full-time work, part-time teaching and consulting work; I’m always thinking, and doing and keeping up with deadlines.  After my Bars sessions I instantly feel a difference.  Lighter, more energy and clear thoughts are only the first three emotions I feel immediately.  In between sessions, I also felt a newfound resilience and a broader scope of my intentions with a clear calmness.  Highly recommend to anyone who is feeling stressed, tired, or even indecisive!

Abbi S. 

My first experience with Access Bars I was truly amazed by the immediate benefits - deeper sleep and mental clarity. Lina's vast knowledge and ability to connect and care for her clients makes her a gifted practitioner, and she is someone I will continue working with to improve my overall health and wellness.
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