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Introducing meditation to your wellness practice – and what you need to know!

By Christina Marcoppido, owner of Mindful Moments Guided Meditation

Did you know?

A common myth about meditation is that you are supposed to sit perfectly still and empty your mind, so that you are thinking about nothing.

But the truth is -

That is not humanly possible. Instead, meditation is giving us the ability to focus in on one thing at a time.

When you decide to incorporate meditation into your daily wellness practice, you might have some questions. Here are the most common ones I receive:

What is the difference between Meditation and Mindfulness?

Meditation is being MINDFUL of our INNER WORLD; our thoughts and emotions. It is about being able to go into our minds and allowing ourselves to know that we can find peace.

Mindfulness is the MEDITATION for our OUTER WORLD. It is about being able to live our daily lives and finding peace throughout the day.

How often and how long should I meditate for?

The answer is a very personal one, but a good place to start is to remember that meditation is a lifelong practice.

Beginners can practice 5 out of 7 days; starting with 4 or 5 minutes per session, as a way to set the foundation of a nourishing practice.

With a solid foundation, you can build up to 20-minute sessions and you can move up to 7 days/week; some people even practice twice a day!

This is where guided meditation comes in. Working with a certified guided meditation practitioner can help you set these foundations and build the practice that’s right for you.

Which meditation practice should I do?

There are many types of practice, making it easy to choose the one that feels right for you. There are practices that are beneficial in the morning to help set your mind and body for the day and there are practices that are beneficial in the evening or at bedtime to help settle your thoughts, emotions and feelings before you fall asleep.

When you connect with Mindful Moments Guided Meditation, we offer you many different practices and work with you to choose the one that supports you best.

Why should I choose to practice meditation?

With more information and knowledge about the practice of meditation available to us, it’s easy to understand the many benefits.

Here are the top 10 benefits of meditation:

1. Reduces stress

2. Promotes relaxation

3. Promotes emotional health

4. Promotes physical health

5. Improves our immune system

6. Helps control pain

7. Enhances self-awareness

8. Improves focus and attention

9. Helps control anxiety and depression

10. Helps with sleep

As you embark on your practice, here are 6 things to remember about meditation:

  1. Meditation is very personal. You can be taught and guided through a particular practice, but you make it your own. You need to be comfortable with the experience to truly feel the benefits.

  2. Meditation is not a simple process. It is not about closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths and clearing your mind. It is not an immediate gratification situation with immediate results.

  3. Meditation requires practice. In fact, it is a lifelong practice. It is a practice of being able to focus on one area, one thought, one feeling at a time.

  4. Your thoughts will wander during practice. And it will happen! The idea is to acknowledge the wandering as quickly as you can and then bring your focus back to the breath. Congratulate yourself when you have done exactly that.

  5. You may experience strange sensations. You may feel lightheaded, tingly or sleepy. That is very natural. This is your full body being oxygenated through the breath work.

  6. You may have thoughts that come from nowhere. Remember, thoughts are not real until we engage with them. You can observe the thought and then decide what you want to do with that thought. You can push it away and ignore it. You can compartmentalize it for later or you can accept the thought and explore it.

For more information or to book a guided meditation session, please reach out! Click here to book now or email

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