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The power of your freezer.

Don't under estimate the power of your freezer. Or your pantry. Or the hidden depths of your fridge. All of these places hold the power for a quick, nutritious meal - I promise you!

If your like me, you have the best of intentions with every dinner. You've bought all the healthy foods: dark leafy greens, vegan proteins, lean animal proteins, colourful veggies. They're all there, in your kitchen. Somewhere.

But you get home from work, hungry, and for some reason, you open the fridge, and they're gone - poof! Not right in front you like you hoped, jumping out, already prepped (and cooked if I had my way)! Where did they go!?!

Just when you're about to call for take out, you remember where you saw them! The frozen shelled edamame - it's in the freezer! Right next to the bag of frozen broccoli! Well, this isn't so bad after all, you can work with this. What else you got? Pantry! Brown rice, quinoa, vegetable broth - ahhh, perfect! This might just be shaping up for a healthy meal. One last rummage in the fridge and you find an onion, a couple of carrots and half of a cabbage. You'd be surprised, but that's all the makings of a nutritious dinner! Faster than you can say, what do you want on your pizza?

Did you think you'd pull it off? I never think I will either. But I've learned that there is power in the places of my kitchen that I least expect it. Each time my long-day tired sets in but I want to put a nutritious meal on the table, I head straight to the depths of my kitchen.

A quick pasta with tuna, pesto and white beans or a stir-fry with edamame and cabbage. Black beans over rice with salsa or spaghetti with tomato sauce and the rest of that sad head of kale in the back of my fridge, sautéed in garlic; These are all yummy, healthy, quick meals created by the power of your kitchen.

Check out some delicious recipes here, including a stir-fry recipe that will harness all of that power!

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